Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CITYFORUM 2.0 ?

CITYFORUM 2.0 is expected to be live in early 2020. It will have additional features and tools for the CITYFORUM owners. It will have live earnings stats easily visible on your phone. Overall, it will be more mobile friendly.


One Thousand (1,000) CITYFORUM COINS are given to every CITYFORUM owner, everytime a CITYFORUM gets sold anywhere in the world.

CITYFORUM COINS are not to be confused with the points given on CITYFORUM.COM. The points are exchangeable for real currency and have real value.  At the moment, payments are made only through Paypal.

CITYFORUM COINS, at the moment are completely worthless, have NO value and may NEVER have value. However, as CITYFORUM grows, we hope to give CITYFORUM COINS value. 

How do I learn more ?

The CITYFORUM newsletter provides news and updates. You may remove yourself from the CITYFORUM newsletter at any time. We also have an exclusive group for CITYFORUM owners on CITYFORUM.COM